Drupal 7 Panels: Page Manager User Pages

By default, Page Manager has the User Profile Page (/user/user-id) and the User Edit Page (/user/user-id/edit), but there are a few user pages that are missing, most obvious will be the login page.

The Drupal User Pages module is a simple module that is not that commonly used that adds in the important missing pieces by adding these four options to Page Manager:

  • User Login Page (/user/login)
  • User Password Page (/user/password)
  • User Page (/user)
  • User Register Page (/user/register)

Page Manager User Pages

Install and Configure

  • Download and install the module
    drush dl user_pages
    drush en user_pages
  • Go to the Page Manager at /admin/structure/pages
  • Enable the first page, in this example, user/login
  • After you enable it, click on edit.
  • Create a default Variant, choosing Panel.
  • Set the General settings and Meta tags as you normally would.
  • You do not need to set Selection rules nor Contexts at this point.
  • Choose your layout that best fits your needs:
    Page Manager User Pages Layout
  • On the Content Tab, click the Cog in the region you want to add the login form:
    Page Manager User Pages Content 01
  • A small menu will pop up.  Select Add Content:
    Page Manager User Pages Add Content
  • In the modal window that appears, you will see a new category in the left sidebar called User Pages.  Click the User Login Form to add it to your layout:
    Page Manager User Pages - Add Form
  • Save your page variant, and repeat the process for the other pages you need.

I've found that I almost always seem to set User Page (/user) and User Login Page (/user/login) to be exactly the same using the User Login Form.

Also, you also only need to set the User Register Page (/user/register) if you allow registration.  If you don't allow for user registration, leave that page disabled.