Drupal Podcast Guide

Updated: April 11th, 2016.  While I read a lot, as much as I can about Drupal and Web Development, I feel like I learn even more when I listen. So, while driving to work, or while working out on the treadmill, I listen as much as I can to the great folks below that dedicate their time every week to discussing, training, interviewing, and spreading their knowledge.

Here is a big list of Podcasts about Drupal that you can subscribe and listen to at your convenience.

Acquia Podcasts

Acquia's Open Source Evangelist, Jeffrey "jam" McGuire, gives quick interviews of Drupal community members from conferences and events all around the world.  But looking deeper into Acquia's site, you may also stumble upon jam's Drupal Camp in which Mr. McGuire curates great sessions and presentations from previous camps and cons; Power of PHP which is a PHP focused, more technical collection of talks; and a podcast about Drupal 8.

Commercial Progression's Hooked on Drupal

From Michigan, this podcast features discussion from Commercial Progression's Drupal developers about community events, and development techniques.

DrupalEasy Podcast

With over 150 episodes, this group of Drupal experts hold interviews with Drupal guests.  They also discuss, often times with much hilarity, recent Drupal News and upcoming Events, as well as ask random questions and play Drupal related music.  Follow the hosts, some of whom are authors and all around Drupal experts on twitter for more knowledge: Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, Ted Bowman, and Michael Anello.

2016 Update: The past year brought even more talent to the DrupalEasy team of hosts.  Anna Kalata, and Kelly Curry joined the crew of Drupal experts and bring a wealth of Front end and Drupal 8 knowledge to the already impressive team!

Lullabot Podcasts

This large Drupal firm creates a multitude of community knowledge including podcasts not only about Drupal, but also content strategy, open source communities, and more.  Currently, they have listed the following shows: Insert Content Here, Drupalize.Me Podcast, The Creative Process, Drupal Voices, and Hacking Culture.  While not all shows are active, I am currently enjoying new episodes of Jeff Eaton's Insert Content Here, Drupalize.me and Matthew Tift's Hacking Culture.

2016 Update:  While most of the above aren't currently recording, the Lullabot podcast has been reborn and features a frequent, active discussion around Drupal 8 and community issues.

Mediacurrent Dropcast

A recently launched podcast from the knowledgable folks at Mediacurrent.  At the time of this writing, there were only 3 episodes, but good stuff that covered Drupal 8, Drupal news, and module reviews.

2016: Update:  No one thought they could do it, but they are still around making us laugh and discussing the best of Drupal via The Weekly Drop

Modules Unraveled

Show host Brian Lewis interviews people of note from in and around the Drupal community.  Over 125 shows strong, this podcast is great for delving into specific topics that the guest specializes in, and is quite different from week to week depending on who is on the show.  Brian is a great interviewer who really dives into what the guest specializes in.

On the Air with Palantir, and The Secret Sauce from Palantir.net

Chicago's Palantir.net offer two podcasts, On the Air with Palantir which offers a deep delve into a web development topic of choice and The Secret Sauce which contains shorter tips and resources for the web dev on the go.  Palantir.net has been on the cutting edge of Drupal development for years, and it is truly a great gift to get a glipse into their workflow.

The Open Mic by Opin

Another great developer discussion podcast, this time by the developers of Canadian firm Opin.  These devs dive deep into Drupal modules, use cases, workflows, and all things Drupal.  It is truly an eye opening insight into life in their agency.

Talking Drupal

Talking Drupal is one of my personal favorites in this list of favorites.  Hosts Stephen Cross, Jason Pamental, John Picozzi, and Nic Laflin discuss one Drupal topic each episode from from a variety of different viewpoints.  Developers, Site Builders, Themers, and Webmasters should all be able to get some knowledge from these New Englanders.  The older episodes stand up extremely well, and can be returned to for reference.  They also throw in a curated "Module of the Week" which is always interesting to hear how certain modules are used to solve specific problems.

Other Resources

Cal Evans has a similar blog post from 2011 which has some archived and links to video podcasts.

Overcast App (iPhone)

I'm sure there are others like this, but the Overcast App is what I use to subscribe and listen to podcasts. The built in Smart Speed which shortens silences and pauses in people's speach has already saved me over 8 hours in the year I have been using it.

The app also allows you to increase the overall speed up to 2 times, and save those settings globally and on a per show basis. The controls are very easy to use also. So say the Acquia podcast comes up and has a couple of European guys with accents, I can slow it down from my default of 1.45x to 1x, and I can understand more clearly.

I have been able to knock off hours from my favorite podcasts, which means I have been able find the time to listen to back episodes.  Although, If I ever meet Brian Lewis or Stephen Cross in real life, I am going to wonder why they are talking so slow!