Essential Drupal: The Style Guide Module

Site builders and front end themers rejoice at the greatness of the Drupal Style Guide module.  This module creates a page on your Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site, displaying all the common html elements, and how your theme displays them.  It is a fantastic tool to work with your designer and client to show them the applied styles of your theme, and great for the themer to make sure you hit all the elements.

Hooking into the module is easy too.  If you have elements that you need to add, whether it be in a custom module or part of your theme, you can easily add more using hook_styleguide_alter().  You can also use the sub-module, Style guide palette to add colors to the style guide.  There is singular permission for whom can add those colors.

The only permission for Style Guide is to View theme style guides.  I've made this site's available to anonymous users, feel free to check it out at