Submit your sessions for Midcamp 2016 - Midwest Drupal Camp in Chicago

MidCamp is returning to Chicago, Illinois on March 17th through the 20th, 2016.  We will be returning to the University of Illinois at Chicago, this time, on the west side of the campus.  MidCamp is looking for people to speak to our Drupal audience! Experienced speakers are always welcome, but our camp is also a great place to start for first-time speakers. 

We are expecting more than 300 people at the event this year, all in a wide variety of skill levels and disciplines.  We are looking for sessions that are targeted towards beginner through advanced, in 30 minute and hour long formats, that can cover a wide variety of topics in and around Drupal.

Find out more information, please visit:

If speaking at a tech conference is not your thing, I highly recommend attending MidCamp.  Last year's camp was my first Drupal event, and I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism, sharing of knowledge, and general niceties of everyone I met.  I learned so much, and gained the desired to help others attain the same knowledge and skills I have acquired.  I also decided to volunteer to help put on the event this year.

So if you do come, be sure to say hi.  I hope to see you there!